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Boggsville History

150 YEARS OF HISTORY Boggsville played an important, and brief, role in the development of Southeast Colorado. The settlement’s local and regional historic value was recognized by its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, as an early Colorado agricultural and trade center, and is also a certified site… Continue reading


Blacksmith Shop Grand Opening By Kathleen Tomlin October 12, 2020 The John W. Rawlings Heritage Center & Museum is proud to announce their first event in several months.  On October 24th from 2 to 7pm, Bell Park will be popping with activity.  Park Wood will demonstrate the newly finished Blacksmith… Continue reading

Mission Statement

The Bent County Historical Society (BHS) preserves the history and heritage of Bent County through the facilitation of the Bent County Chronicle, Art Guild, programs and activities that interpret the culture and architectural history of the region, the operation and preservation of the John W. Rawlings Heritage Center and Museum… Continue reading

History of the Bent County Historical Society (formerly The Pioneer Historical Society of Bent County)

The Bent County Historical Society (BHS) exists to promote the unique history and culture of Bent County to a multigenerational audience. Founded in 1957 and officially becoming a non-profit in 1968, BHS operates the John W. Rawlings Heritage Center & Museum, the Boggsville National Historical Site, the Old Trail Art… Continue reading

NEEDLEWORK HISTORY EXHIBIT By Kathleen Tomlin June 1, 2022 The Rawlings Heritage Center is proud to announce their Needlework History Exhibit for their summer exhibit, with the help of our partner, the Bent County Art Guild.  Exhibit kicks off with a Sunday afternoon tea party on June 12th at 2:00… Continue reading

Bent County Art Guild

Bent County Art Guild Community members started the Bent County Art Guild (BCAG) in 2003. A valued partner of the Bent County Historical Society, BCAG members showcase their artistic talents by selling individual items in the Old Trail Gallery. Gallery items are varied and include carvings, quilts, paintings, photographs, and… Continue reading

     BOGGSVILLE HISTORIC SITE.  Boggsville is  now open Maintaining Social Distancing (6 feet). Boggsville’s hours are from 11am to 3pm Tuesday through Saturday. Contact 456-1358 for any special arrangements.            AND REMEMBER TO SIGN-IN AND DONATE TO THE TOUR. Thank You                … Continue reading

Bent County Chronicle

Bent County Chronicle History by Kathleen Tomlin, Editor In 2005 after retiring from the Veterans Administration, I asked the Pioneer Historical Society of Bent County Board if we could publish a quarterly newsletter that would inform the public about Historical Society projects, capture more stories from people who have lived… Continue reading


Boggsville opens for Santa Fe Trail Day Boggsville will be open during the month of April 27 from Friday through Sunday, from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM. Beginning Memorial Day the site opens full time seven days a week. June – October.