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Bent County Chronicle History
by Kathleen Tomlin, Editor

In 2005 after retiring from the Veterans Administration, I asked the Pioneer Historical Society of Bent County Board if we could publish a quarterly newsletter that would inform the public about Historical Society projects, capture more stories from people who have lived in Bent County, and work towards a second Bent County History Book. They endorsed the project enthusiastically and 38 Chronicles later, here we are! With the first edition, there were 65 members and now there are over 400 members. We have featured the stories of 56 veterans and the stories and hardships of more than 38 families whose stories were not told in the first Bent County History book. What an interesting ride it has been!!
The Chronicle has connected members not only locally, but from all over the United States and Spain with proud roots in Las Animas. We have watched with interest as the old “Kit Carson Museum” closed and the new “John W. Rawlings Heritage Center & Museum” developed and opened in 2010. The renovated building and landscaped Bell Park provide not only history and cultural events, but provide a meeting place for the community. Readers have learned about the struggles and history of Boggsville through the “Boggsville Times” and can read about the activities of our partners, the Bent County Art Guild and the Las Animas-Bent County Library District.
Member Tencha Avila just recently said, “We appreciate the steady dedicated work of those who work on The Chronicle for the legacy of those who helped form Bent County and Las Animas.  Thank you for helping to hold it together.”
Another great accomplishment has been the opening of the Heritage Library where all the historical information is preserved. Please check the library tab for more information on the Library. We are now the Bent County Historical Society and we would appreciate your support!

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